Top 5 Emerging Hybrid Workplace Trends

August 18, 2022
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The modern workplace is evolving at a progressive rate. As hybrid work becomes a permanent change in the world of work, the importance of employees being able to work and collaborate—from anywhere—has been put firmly in the spotlight.

Forward-thinking organisations know they need to provide employees with digital tools and solutions—or risk losing top talent. To meet the needs of a hybrid workforce, business leaders must leverage insights from the latest workplace trends to keep up with the times.

Here are the top five emerging hybrid workplace trends and how they can help you transform your workplace to stay ahead.
  1. Business Intelligence

    Technology needs to be seamless, integrated, and part of a more extensive business solution. Transitioning to a digital hybrid workplace starts with how you manage your documents, files, information, and data—and mapping a plan to go from information overload to intelligent business.

    It’s non-negotiable for modern businesses to have more actionable, more targeted, and mobile information. Information that is not correctly classified and attributed can result in lost time, productivity, and revenue.

    By automating processes across your business, time and resources can be diverted to meet other business objectives, and companies can choose to stay small and agile. Increased efficiency and productivity both translate to healthier profit margins. 

  2. Digital Workflow and Automation

    In a modern workplace, the demand for integration capabilities and agile work processes continues to drive the need to shift to the cloud. Digital acceleration is an opportunity to increase cloud-based resources across the business.

    Prepare for digital disruption of traditionally paper-based workflows, such as leave applications, expense claims, supply chain documentation, and purchase orders. Rather than having data and documents stored in on-premises servers, key resources can shift to a cloud platform to create seamless access for remote workers. Digital alternatives to these legacy workflows can create efficiencies even when users access them remotely.

    Companies lose 20% to 30% in revenue every year due to document and workflow inefficiencies.
  3. Infrastructure Reimagined

    For millions of people, the entire concept of work has evolved. With a hybrid workforce, businesses must ensure their employees have the tools and services they need to retain the productivity they’d expect in the office. This includes providing employees with the right devices, connectivity, security, and platforms to work productively and securely from any location.

    It’s time to review and adjust existing technology deployments. Distributed infrastructure deployment ensures a high level of performance, reliability, and secure operations. The key? Flexibility.

    55% of employees are high performers when provided radical flexibility over where, when and with whom they work v. 36% of those working 9-5 in the office.
  4. Digitally Enhanced Work and Meeting Spaces

    The world of work as we know it has changed forever. The future is hybrid. Most organisations will blend physical and virtual experiences to create a seamless transition across spaces and devices to drive workforce productivity. Workflow changes demand a rethink of how employees communicate with each other as well as with customers. Reviewing the platforms and devices available for employee communication is business critical.

    Digital collaboration tools are key for your hybrid workforce to adapt to new workflows, as online interaction replaces some face-to-face communication. Platforms must readily manage people in different places and use a mix of devices to connect. The right tools are crucial wherever you’re working—in the office, from home, or anywhere. It’s all about providing your workforce with a seamless digital experience.


  5. Secure, Everywhere Workplace

    In the modern world, flexible work arrangements centred around remote work and online collaboration have replaced traditional structures and workflows. The blend of in-office and remote working has shifted from an occasional novelty to the standard way of operating.

    Progressive organisations have already planned for this strategic shift and are implementing new ways of working. This includes a duty of care by businesses to ensure their employees are safe, secure, and healthy regardless of where they work. At its heart, an everywhere workplace supports productivity, enhances operations for better business agility, and empowers employees to meet customer needs regardless of location.

    63% of high-growth companies have enabled “productivity anywhere” hybrid work models.

    Supporting Your Transition to a Hybrid Workplace

    Ricoh empowers hybrid workplaces with intelligent technology—through new ways of collaborating, sharing, and managing information. With an extensive portfolio of industry-leading products and sophisticated end-to-end solutions, we can provide expert support to help your organisation become more agile and productive.

    Our approach includes simple, practical advice on the human engagement factors that are often overlooked when evaluating the value of any technology investment. Enabling organisations to maximise their investments in technology and people, supports the creation of digital and physical workspaces to meet changing workforce needs.

    Find out more about how we can support your transition to a hybrid workplace.

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