Ricoh and Sodateage Net launch “Digital Support Program for Young People”

16 Sep 2021

Supporting unemployed Japanese young people in a digital society

TOKYO, September 16, 2021 – Ricoh Company, Ltd. and Ricoh Japan Co., Ltd. will launch the “Digital Support Program for Young People” in Japan on October 12, 2021, in collaboration with a certified non-profit organization “Sodateage Net”, to support unemployed young people due to the information gap in a rapidly advancing digital society. Sodateage Net will seek applicants of this program and, Ricoh Group employees will introduce workplaces that are being transformed by digital innovation, and offer skills training using digital technology that enables participants to simulate the entire process of image production projects, from order receipt to delivery, to support them secure a job.

As a corporate citizen, the Ricoh Group, respects the cultures and customs of all countries and regions. By forming active partnerships with like-minded people and inspiring employees to contribute to the development of a sustainable society and planet, the Ricoh Group strives to work in collaboration with stakeholders, with an emphasis on inclusion at work. The Ricoh Group has set “Fulfillment through Work” as vision for 2036 and is committed to helping more people achieve “fulfillment through work” by supporting the work of a diverse range of people who have difficulties working.

Ricoh, Ricoh Japan, and Sodateage Net will continue contribution towards providing a variety of work options for young people who are willing to work but are unable to immediately seek jobs.


While the digital society is advancing, the digital divide (information gap) is occurring among the young generation. According to the “Survey on the Internet Usage Environment of Young People in Fiscal 2020” released by the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan in March 2021, the internet usage rate among young people was as high as 70.1% for smartphones, but as low as 22.4% for laptops and 8.4% for desktop PCs.
The more economically disadvantaged a family is, the less likely they are to use a PC, which leads to the digital divide. For young people who do not know how to set up a PC or have never used a keyboard to create documents, the advancement of digitalization is a factor that raises the bar on employment.
By providing young people with opportunities to experience digital technology, this program aims to picture themselves working with such technology and increase confidence.

Program Overview
Program NameDigital Support Program for Young People - Creative Try
Program Contents
  1. Digital workplace experience at Ricoh's demonstration offices ViCreA
  2. Panel discussion of Ricoh Group employees sharing their experiences
  3. Skill training using digital technology to simulate operations from order receipt to delivery in image production projects
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