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Business Process Management

A powerful automated platform for every department in your organization

Business Process Management (BPM) is a tool to do the process mapping  and manage enterprise document routing for the digital age needs, allowing companies to save time and maximize their employee’s productivity on business processes. BPM helps integrate unstructured business processes in your organization, enabling them to be controlled from one single platform.

The solution supports a wide range of integration and customization to meet your business needs, from a simple workflow in a small department to a complex process which integrates data among various databases.

What is BPM?

BPM can be customized and developed according to each company’s requirements to meet specific needs on their process workflows. The solutions can create workflow diagrams and shared according to the complex work process requirements into a more intuitive diagram with Visio charts. Including the approve tasks, and sign electronically via the system anywhere, anytime. For example, paperless purchase order processing and approvals, paperless leave system that can be performed directly from employee’s computer, as well as inventory tracking, requesting for benefits, and managing tasks such as budget or discount approval. In addition, users can access to the features from a smartphone, providing flexible way to get the process done.


  1. Boost productivity
    With an automated process, employees will see the overview of the organization’s processes clearly and understand the sequence of the processes more easily. Giving more times to focus on their core business.
  2. Provide data integration
    All systems will be seamlessly integrated, eliminating the need for your staffs to manually fill the data repeatedly.
  3. Reduce paper usage with e-forms
    Using electronic document provides streamlined productivity and more effective cost reduction.
  4. Automate manual processes
    Human errors, hidden costs, and inefficiency can be significantly reduced

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