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Security Consulting

Information and network security of the organization

Reinforcing the strength of your organization with no need to worry about cyber threats, which will potentially affect the security of your business. RICOH has a consulting service regarding the security in terms of handling different types of threats and information storage, which impacts the operation of each organization with famous technologies and products.

Cyber Security Services help you to manage information securely to comply with PDPA

Cyber Security Services aim to tackle this matter with various solutions:

  • Preventing the loss of data from external threats, preventing employees from accessing websites with high risks, inspecting information that are taken out and screening unreliable emails.
  • Access control allows only authorized persons to access information
  • The security of the data requires a system which prevents endpoint devices from malware that attempts to find any loophole to steal the data as well as a system that prevents ransomware presently contagious in the IT world
  • Monitoring and preventing data breaches by instantly giving alerts if it is found that unauthorized persons use, edit, or change the data
  • Encryption also helps to alleviate risks. Even though data breaches happen regardless of the method, hackers cannot do anything with the stolen data.
Boosting security for Multi Cloud of your organization with Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services protect your Multi Cloud and maximize efficiency. Nowadays, intrinsic security is conducted to protect the system, data and users from any potential threats. It is also capable of observing and responding automatically, portraying the high level of security Cyber Security Services offers for Multi Cloud in your organization.

  • Cloud & Network Security

    Keep your network system secure from potential threats and your business running smoothly.

    • Cisco Meraki
    • Fortigate
  • Endpoint & Web Protection

    Protect your device from potential threats from anywhere in the Hybrid Workplace.

    • Cisco AMP, Cisco Umbrella
    • Microsoft Defender
  • User Identify Protection and Security

    Two-factor authentication (2FA) is an extra layer of security used to make sure that people trying to gain access to the data, keep your data safe from malicious.

    • Cisco DUO
  • E-Mail Protection

    Protect your e-mail with Ricoh’s e-mail protection service from a well-known e-mail security vendor.

    • Microsoft Defender for Office 365
    • Cisco Email Protection