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Microsoft 365

Convenient and secure with the ability to work anywhere and anytime based on IT standard of each organization.

Catering to working requirements in terms of documents and systems of the organization so that they run smoothly, anywhere and anytime. It also comes with Microsoft cloud, which contributes to collaboration.

Faster and more convenient connection and collaboration

Efficient performance and the ability to access information anywhere and anytime with Microsoft 365 that allows online collaboration in terms of documents (Words, Excel, Powerpoint), enable you to access the documents anywhere and anytime from PC/Mac or mobile devices iOS, Android. As for organization customers, the services include tools that support productivity such as online meeting via Teams, business emails via Exchange Online, personal data storage via OneDrive for Business, corporate file sharing space via Sharepoint Online that cater to working professionally.

Providing reports and insights for quick decision making

Analytic tools as well as easy and instant information checking allows diverse analysis for easy understanding. With efficient report and dashboard, it is ready to respond to the fast changing information.

Protecting important information from any cyber attack

Monitoring the security of information for the organization while still maintaining privacy with the same standard across the organization that can be inspected all the time.