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Server and Network Management

Enhancing the success of your organization with the network and devices that can ensure security and contribute to the smooth operation.

Nowadays, network and devices play a critical role in the organization. They enhance the success of your organization with secure and reliable network so the business can run smoothly and with no disruption. Problems may occur if they are not dealth with in a proactive approach in which network experts from RICOH will bring in modern technology to manage the network of your organization to assure the return on investment based on the objective of your organization.

Proactively managing the network before problems occur

Big network structure like data center network needs management and prevention before problems occur. Proactive IT services from RICOH are the answer. It encompasses leading solutions which are internationally recognized. Problem or abnormal behavior analysis is conducted to figure out the causes and the effects of the problems as well as alert before the incident that might affect the system. Furthermore, RICOH can build a model that demonstrates changes that will happen to the system before the actual execution.