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R-Pass Services

Profession IT Consultant and Intelligent software monitoring

IT professionals who are ready to move forward together with you with superior service from our experienced team of dedicated professional. It ensures you that your organization can function at full efficiency.

Proactive IT management service

Provides consulting and problem solving for computer hardware and software, remote monitoring and service by professional team who ensure IT security for you which is also help reducing IT maintenance cost but excellent services

  1. Control and cost reduction
    Saving cost for computer and software maintenance and no cost of hiring IT staff
  2. Reduce troubleshooting time
    User will no longer spend too much time for troubleshooting because our expert team would define and solve problem for their hardware and software
  3. Onsite service to solve problem
    In case that remote consulting could not solve problem, onsite service by IT engineer will be provided.
  4. Anti-Virus Software License / Spyware
    During the contract period, customer gets free Anti-Virus Software License / Spyware.