MP 2014AD

The MP 2014AD is an affordable and user-friendly MFP that provides low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

It comes with a Dynamic Data Stream Technology (DDST) controller, which is Ricoh’s name for the technology used in our Graphics Device Interface (GDI) controller for laser printers and MFPs.

The MP 2014AD is equipped with an Automatic Reversing Document Feeder (ARDF) as standard, and comes with a host of features such as duplex printing, easy jam removal, Folder Print, customisable shortcut keys, and an optional bypass tray cover.

Additionally, the device’s compact size makes it ideal for customers in small offices and small to medium workgroups.

Paper Feed Unit PB2020

Optional 1-tray paper feed unit that increases the paper capacity of the device. 

Capacity: 500 sheets
Paper size: B6–A3
Custom paper size: 98–297 x 162–432 mm
Paper weight: 60–105 g/m2
Dimensions (W x D x H): 587 x 556.2 x 140 mm
Weight: 12 kg or less

Bypass Tray Cover Type M16
Protects paper in the bypass tray in dusty environments.
DDST Unit Type M16
A user-friendly DDST printer driver rasterising print data on the host computer that is submitting the job.

Standard inclusions

  • 50-sheet ARDF
  • Integrated Duplex
  • 250-sheet paper input tray + 100-sheet bypass tray
  • Folder Print
  • ID Card Scan
  • USB 2.0

Current configuration

MP 2014AD
587 mm x 581 mm x 537 mm (W x D x H)
33.5 kg
Selected Options:

    {"configuratorid":"b1c9dcec-5bdb-40b8-94be-29a1eeeea17f","productid":"2dec6cd7-ed68-4b4f-964e-f58b69b4429b","edpcode":"417379","productdisplayname":"MP 2014AD","width":587.0,"height":537.0,"depth":581.0,"weight":33.5,"mainframe_imageurl":"/-/media/all-regional/images/product-images/office-solutions/printers-and-copiers/mfp-black-and-white/417366/configurator/mainframe-mp-2014d-ad.png?dmc=0&hash=51DA9684EE4DA8C74A7C28B680AD0B8B24CF102B","configurator_hash":"e86e15ca-3443-4b4c-b40f-fa4b7503be92","options":{"417381":{"edpcode":"417381","displayname":"Paper Feed Unit PB2020","extras":[],"width":587.0,"height":140.0,"depth":556.2,"weight":12.0,"show_image":true,"hide_until_required":false},"417383":{"edpcode":"417383","displayname":"Bypass Tray Cover Type M16","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":true,"hide_until_required":false},"417382":{"edpcode":"417382","displayname":"DDST Unit Type M16","extras":[],"width":0.0,"height":0.0,"depth":0.0,"weight":0.0,"show_image":false,"hide_until_required":false}},"rules":[],"affect_group":[["417381"],["417383"],["417382"]],"preselect_configs":{},"min_config":{"must_select_at_least_one_option":false,"requires":[],"requireones":[]}}