Provincial Electricity Authority enhances efficiency of bill printing with RICOH IP5000

RICOH is very honored to have an opportunity to interview Mr. Pongsiri Cheepsamut, Director of Printing Division of Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), who is responsible for producing printed publications for departments of PEA across Thailand.

The importance of printer to PEA

Mr. Pongsiri states that there are a lot of electricity users who pay bills via bank accounts and mobile applications. Therefore, it is necessary for PEA to have efficient printers. This RICOH IP5000 can support a large amount of PEA's workload, serving more than 20 millions electricity users nationwide. As a printing unit, they receive work from across the country. Therefore, it is necessary to have a large and high-speed printing machine.

Value created by RICOH IP5000

This RICOH printer can serve the requirements of the printing division well. RICOH also has great after-sales services, and also provides software trainings for PEA staff so that they become equipped with knowledge about software, which is crucial for the operation of PEA based on Digital Utility policy. This enables the division to experience more digital tasks. As for maintenance services, after-sales services and software support for the printing division, RICOH is considered as a good support indeed.